Thursday, December 1, 2016

Art a fact

This term we were able to learn about some Paralympics like :

Goal ball
Wheelchair basketball 

And other sports for people that have a disability

A couple of weeks later when we done all of out study about Paralympics and Olympics we all were able to do a art a fact about what we learnt for our experiences.

And i chose a sport that we were learning about and it was boccia
there is a picture down below my piece of writing and it is of a boccia court

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Maths web

For these last few days I have been practicing my maths web for my learning task.
 I was in the learning pit quite a bit but I used my making links learning muscles also my noticing mussels.
Just to be honest I did not have that much time to practice my math web I think because we have been doing boxing through out most of the week like Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
When I was in the learning pit I wasn't that angry I felt like a person that always gives it a try .

I am learning divisions for my maths web which means splitting into groups.
When I'm trying to work out the answer I always use my knowledge that I already know like my 5 time tables. 
In this picture I am in the learning pit I know I have weird face but It kind of shows that I have learnt that mistakes are very because you have more of a challenge for me I love mistakes.   

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Matariki is on one of my favorite celebrations of the year including the seven wonderful stars  Name'sUru-a-rangi , Waipuna-a-rangi , Matariki , Waita , Waita , Tupu-a-rangi , Tupu-a-nuku have always been superstars to me because they shine bright like a diamond and I always look up into the sky and I see them being awesome stars.  

All of us giving respect to mr cottrol 
Cooking smoked fish
Kasaiyah showing us her amazing work.
All of us doing our amazing work of carving

The seven beautiful stars 

At Matariki we done some amazing things like carving , cooking , planting and other really cool activities .

I learnt in planting that Ngahere's name in English is many connections and forest and also his sisters name in English is tree.

 What was challenging about carving?   

The challenging thing about carving has to be trying to not get into the letters and not to stab anyone or else we had to run around the field.   

What did we use? 

As you could see up here above my writing there is a picture if you don't know what they are tools for carving they are chisels and are awesome to use because there is no way that you could make a mistake . 

 I am proud of my learning because it celebrates Matariki and as I said Matariki is one of favorite celebrations and I showed respect to the celebrations.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reading task

The hard part about finding the evidence in the text was?
Describe how something is made out of plastic in your own words was because I did not get it because I wasn't reading the story properly to get all the information.
I am proud of my reading task because I was focus and I made a decision to not sit by anyone that would distract me .

I have been learning to read over the book so I could get to quality learning and find clues.

What do you look for?

In this book I always look For info and more and more clues and read this over and over again.

Design all around us
By Jan Anderson

We are learning to use clues in the text and our prior knowledge to understand what we are reading.

1. What is design?
It is a pattern of what you want to make.                 
2. Describe how something is made out of plastic in your own words.
Plastic can be made into different shapes it is strong and can be made into different colours .
3. Why do designers use chrome-plating?
Designers use chrome plating because it stops metal like our kitchens taps from getting damaged.
4. What makes a classic design?
The product looks good and works well.
5. What is one difference between houses hundreds of years ago and modern houses?
The old houses had simple designs made of stone and had small windows and the house was cold in the winter and the only heating was the wood fire.

Friday, June 3, 2016



I am proud of my math's because I have tried to put allot effete in my maths by making  and working out the maths questions by the knowledge I know.

Something that has challenged me was trying to ask for help and also tried to not get distracted because it was a challenge .

For maths I'v been working on divisions for example it means 24 divided by 6 = you have to split them up into two groups and it will equal 4 and my mutiplucation splitting.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My procedural writing

The reason why I chose this piece of writing was because Mrs Hill was proud of me using feedback and thought it was great and I decided to put it on my procedural writing on my blog post .
I am proud of my procedural writing because It has lots of awesome work about milk. 
I love milk because it could make all sorts of food and also is always there for me when I eat chocolate stuff .
It was awesome in all of the subjects that we done for the science group because I got to learn something new to use my noticing learning muscle's.     
Procedural writing
WALT write instructions for the reader to follow
Success Criteria
Give an explanation about how the instructions will help you (introduction)
Write an equipment or ingredients list
Begin each instruction with a verb (an action word)
Use specific vocabulary
Order instructions so they are easy to follow

My experience about milk

What is your favorite type of drink?
Well mine has to be milk it’s sweet because you can make all sorts of things made out of milk for example butter can be made out of milk by shake shake shaking for a whole twenty minutes  .What do you like milk with ? the most thing that I like wi1th it is with milo and coco pops because in coco pop’s when I eat coco pop’s I always eat the coco pop’s and have a little bit of milk with it so I can drink the chocolate milk at the end. Milk does not just happen to pop into a cow’s they have to eat grass and in the cow’s body it will happen. And it suddenly will make milk I know right that is weird grass out of milk what!.
Milk can make ice cream and this is how you make it.   


. Crushed ice.
. 30y of white sugar .
. Half of milk.
. 2 cups of salt.
. small sealable plastic bag and a big one.
. cup
. ice cream container

How to make vanilla ice cream
1. Grab the freezing ice and put it into a big sealable plastic bag.
2.Put the salt into the big sealable plastic bag to make the ice go colder.
3. Put milk into a small sealable plastic bag.
4. Add two teaspoons of white sugar placed in with the milk.
5. Place a quarter of the cap of vanilla essence in the  a small snack bag with the milk and the two teaspoons of sugar.
7.  Place the small sealable plastic bag into the big sealable plastic bag .
8. Shake shake shake until the milk and vanilla essence get’s hard for about 20 minutes.

Now you are done making your ice cream  you can munch it all in your mouth. If it was salty we are twins because my group done the accident because we didn’t close the small sealable plastic bag when we shaking and it taste salty .   Hopefully the accident doesn't happen to you because it would of been a waist (waste) of your parent’s money or your money and also you would feel so disappointed  .  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jada's birthday

On this slide you can see that It is about Jada's birthday and the reason why we write about her birthday was because It was one amazing day for me and Kasaiyah .

I'm proud of this slide because Kasaiyah was good at pushing me at my learning.

I have been working on reading over my slide that I have been working on and to put more detail.

Something that has challenged me was to put heap's and heap's of detail in my writing.